Crawford seeds

Beans should be planted when the soil is warm in the spring. If using a pole, plant beans around the leg of each pole. On a trellis? When using the beans as snap beans, be sure you harvest as soon as the first beans are plump but before the seed bulges the pods. Seed saving tips: Best planted dozens of feet apart to prevent crossing varieties. Pole beans seem easier to cross than do bush beans. Allow your beans to dry in the pod until the pods are tan and dry or at least leathery.

Shell the mature, dry seeds out into a shallow bowl and allow to dry well, stirring the seeds daily to ensure they all dry sufficiently for storage. It cooks down tender and smooth in shorter time than many beans. The color is pretty, being a white bean with one end splashed with a combination of browns, maroon and black, looking like the rump of an Appaloosa horse.

This bush bean is hugely productive and much earlier than its look-alike Black Turtle. These round, shiny black beans are stunning!

These beans are prolific, beautiful and tasty too! We love them! The pods are straight and striped with vivid red over a light green background. The shell beans are also beautifully striped with pink over a light tan background. And we found the flavor of these early-producing beans delectable! If you want a flavor that sets chefs drooling try these. Limited supply this year. We found them early and the plants very lusty and strong. You can use the pods as snap beans but you do need to do this fairly early or the beans quickly mature and become tough.

The beans are wonderful as a baking or soup bean, adding a great, beany flavor to your favorite dishes. Very flavorful when cooked up! It is early producing and very tolerant of cooler conditions.

It has been grown before in Warwick, England and is very popular with seed savers both there and now, here in the U. They carbon dated over 1, years and when planted, they actually grew!Gardeners love to save stuff. We save vegetable scraps for the compost, dried leaves for mulching, buckets for toting, rocks for edging, small containers for seed-starting and rainwater for irrigation.

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And we save seed. Seed saving is a natural extension of vegetable gardening. It allows you to replenish your seed supply and share seed with other gardeners. In addition, seeds saved year after year from plants grown in a particular region or microclimate gradually acclimate to that location; each time you plant your saved seed the plants that develop produce seeds that are better adapted to your soil, climate and cultural conditions.

And if you can trace it back far enough you can even discover a little bit about where it originated. And today, thanks to Irene and Marshall Crawford, we can grow that same seed, enjoy the same lettuce and appreciate its history.

And we can save the seed and pass it on. As the days grow longer and warmer lettuce sends up a flower stalk. Lettuce seed is easy to save because it is a self-pollinating annual, meaning the flowers that are produced at the end of the season have both male and female parts and pollinate themselves — no need to worry about isolating plants to prevent cross-pollination by wind or insects.

However, seed-saving guidelines do recommend a distance of feet between different varieties of lettuce to avoid chance crosses and maintain the true genetic traits of each distinct variety.

Yellow flowers give way to fluffy tufts of seeds. Lettuce is a cool-season vegetable and as mild days of spring give way to summer heat, plants signal the end of their life cycle by sending up a flower stalk. The leaves become progressively smaller as they spiral up the stalk, and soon the top of the plant explodes in tiny, yellow flowers that give way to feathery tufts of seed.

Like dandelions, these billowy tufts allow the seed to disperse by floating through the air. To collect the seeds before they all fly away, cut or tap the seed heads into a bag or other container and allow them to dry for a couple of weeks.

To separate the seed from the chaff, press it through a screen or colander a few times. You can also use the wind or a small fan to blow the dried chaff into the air.

Once the seed is clean store it in a glass jar or paper envelope with a label and the date. Cut the feathery seed heads from the plant and place them in a bucket, bag or bin to dry.

My lettuce plants held on longer than normal this summer so I have been collecting seed for various projects and for fall planting. Shake or rub the seed heads with your hands; a screen or fan will help separate the chaff from the seed. Saving seed from your own vegetable plants has many advantages: it is a frugal way to increase your seed stock, it contributes to the diversity of our seed supply and each generation of collected seed will be more acclimated to your unique growing environment.

Plus observing and participating in the rhythm of nature is enlightening and downright satisfying!


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crawford seeds

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crawford seeds

Great stuff. Too bad because this a film where you really end up hating the antagonist and are hoping that someone really clobbers her! That's what makes a great villain. Incidentally, my wife and I watched this shortly after we found out she's pregnant. Wish us luck! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.If planted correctly Crawford lettuce can germinate in a hot soil right along with okra center dark green plant.

What can you easily plant using seed in November. My favorite greens crop is spinach planted using transplants in late October. I have described how to use these in flower beds at:. The next best greens crop is Crawford lettuce. Lettuce Lactuca sativa is without doubt the world's most popular salad plant.

Both its common and its Latin name are based on an easily noticeable characteristic-it has a heavy, milky juice. The word "lettuce" is probably derived from the Old French laitues plural of laituemeaning "milky," referring to this plant. The Latin root word lac "milk" appears in the Latin name lactuca. Although its culture was widespread in ancient times, it is neither so old nor was it so widely grown in prehistoric times as a number of other garden crops.

Cultivated lettuce is closely related to the wild lettuce, L. Wild lettuce is now widely scattered over the globe, but it originated in inner Asia Minor, the trans-Caucasus, Iran, and Turkistan. Lettuce was doubtless among the first garden seeds sown in every European colony on this continent. Loose-leaf lettuces are still popular for home gardens because they are so easy to grow.

Since, however, the loose-leaf form is highly perishable after harvesting, it is now rarely grown in the United States for sale. Lettuce is an annual plant that requires a relatively cool climate for good leaf and head growth. Hot weather causes it to become bitter and hastens the elongation of its stem into a tall seed stalk. The stems or "cores" of head varieties elongate too soon if grown in too warm weather, either preventing heading or causing the heads to be loose and of poor quality.

I mentioned the variety of lettuce named 'Crawford' because it had its beginning right here in San Antonio. At a monthly meeting in the early 80's, San Antonio Men's Garden Club Double Life Member Marshall Crawford stood up during a "Show-and-Tell" session with a lettuce plant he had just harvested from his garden, roots and all. Marshall said he had been growing this variety of lettuce for a number of years and he thought "it was a pretty good lettuce for the San Antonio area".

It was named after Marshall Crawford and is a reliably reseeding lettuce for this area. The 'Crawford' lettuce is an heirloom black-seeded romaine cos type lettuce that sports inch heads of slightly savoyed green leaves with blotches of reddish brown toward the margins. It has a wonderful non-bitter flavor, loves the winter garden climate, stands up to heat well and will self-seed for my brown-thumb friends, you must let the lettuce flower and form seed in the spring before reseeding will occur the following year!

Obviously, gardeners who want the lettuce to reseed cannot cover the area in mulch. If you use lots of mulch, you should collect the seed and sow them in the fall on exposed soil. When the lettuce finally bolts flowers and goes to seed in the spring, it is very attractive with the yellow flowers on a tall spike.

crawford seeds

Marshall's wife Irene said her father was born in and was a wonderful backyard gardener. He grew the lettuce and saved seed from the best plants each year for as long as she could remember. Irene is not sure where her father originally got the seed, but suspected it came over with her father's family from Europe and had been passed down from generation to generation. It read: The Chinese have been using similar seed germination methods in Yunan and Sechuan Provinces for over 40 centuries.

Lettuces as a group are easy to grow and Crawford is both the easiest lettuce to grow and the best tasting lettuce, year in and year out. Lettuce needs rich soil and plenty of moisture. Nothing much bothers lettuce in the way of bugs and disease as long as you remember to space the plants far enough apart and keep it growing rapidly by providing plenty of water and plant nutrients.

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