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Whenever a player performs specific actions or achieves certain feats, they are awarded a Title relative to that achievement. Titles can range in variety from beating bosses and reaching class levels to simply chatting or participating in events.

The player can also claim Title prizes depending on the Title. To check what Titles you currently have, receive Title rewards or check on requirements for other Titles, you can visit the Title Counter Attendant Lachesis on the right-side counters of the Gate Area. Once a Title is achieved, it can be used as an accolade for the player, which will show above the player's head with the right character view configurations and below the player's name during the Victory Pose of most Emergency Quests.

Titles are account-based, meaning that once a Title is achieved and the reward is claimed, it cannot be gained again, even if using a different character of the same account. Category : Titles. Remember me. Close Save changes. Photon Drop x3.

Time Reversal Stone Chronos.

Rear Units List

Circular Amphitrite Stone. Liberate Unlocker. Hylian Shield x2. Link Hair x2. Photon Crystal x3. Photon Crystal x5. Photon Sphere x3. Photon Sphere x5.

Unit List: Rear

Photon Sphere x Excube x3. Excube x5. Excube x Alva Breaker. Vita Breaker. Red Sword. Blue Partizan.Whitill Card is a cosmetic card-type weapon in the Online, Universe, and Online 2 series. On its face, this particular entry in the section ID series depicts a Whitill ID atop a white background.

The borders have a thick black outline that run around both the extremities of card and the section ID stamped on the middle. The card back color ranges from off-white to gray, and usually depicts an emblem unique to the series that uses this weapon. In Phantasy Star Onlinethe image was a pentagram surrounding a tower made up of six triangles. In Phantasy Star Onlinethere is a series of rare cards that depict the 10 different section IDs within the game.

They are unique rare weapons that can only be found by the section ID depicted on the card's face. This card-type weapon did not have a special ability.

With mediocre stats, the Whitill Card is something of a novelty among the many rare items in the game. The game data within Phantasy Star Online 2 contains an as of yet unused weapon image of the Whitill Card. Whitill Card utilizes its Phantasy Star Portable 2 visual, depicting a white colored card with the Little Wing logo stamped onto the center of the card back.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.It has made numerous appearances primarily in the online action RPG entries in the series.

Sato has the appearance of a small mammal with very chibi-like, cute qualities that exhibit a mascot quality. There are many traits that are apparent in its design across all of its appearances. The mag has a large, cat-like head, two pointed ears, a small body with a usually white underbelly, and a puffy tail. Stamped on its forehead is a symbol that has a resemblance to the numbering system seen in the various switches and locked doors in Phantasy Star Online. Once a mag has achieved its fourth evolution, it cannot evolve any further.

Its ability triggers all have a chance of activating temporary invulnerability unless its master dies, at which point it may revive them. The mag will then have a chance of evolving into this form at levelor in multiples of five levels after HP Change will modify the HP of this card to the number of items equipped by the character before the start of the card owner's turn.

Chato has 2 unique forms in Phantasy Star Zero : one had a primarily black body color while the other's body color was defined by the original mag's color. The black-bodied Chato favors Mind over all other stats. Upon successfully evolving, this mag will be able to generate the red devil, Graniras its Photon Blast. In contrast, the colored-body Chato values Power the most. Upon successfully evolving, this mag will be able to generate the the support twins, Floziras its Photon Blast.

It will retain the Photon Blast that the previous mag had prior to evolving into this form. As its preview image implies, Sato's primary color is capable of being recolored as desired. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sato as it appears in official Phantasy Star Online concept artwork. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Mother Trinity - Dark Falz. Coral - Arca. Rear - Arm - Leg - Sub - Ring. Protagonist - Matoi. Ardem Sacrid - Enga Yasaka.

Mitra - Shiva - Valna.Welcome to Flandrepedia. Please call an ambulance before it's too late. Your safety is not guaranteed when browsing this site, especially during midnight. Welcome to Cirnopedia, a small research facility under the supervision of Arks that aims to discover and investigate the legality of having a harem in outerspace.

Welcome to Cirnopedia, a secret research facility under the supervision of Fenrir Far East Division that aims to create a new world through Nova. Welcome to Cirnopedia, an infested and corrupted facility under the rule of our great and profound darkness where we research the cuteness of evil.

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Casino Lobby Prize Shop. Gate Area. Seraphy Shop. Shop Area. Player Race. Links JP Resources. JP Resources. EN Resources. Weapon Req. Equipping 4 will double the effect of the Set Bonus.

pso2 whitill

Set Effect Information.Advanced Search. Member List DaMan. More 10 Friends Ziel. The Happy Birthday Team.

pso2 whitill

Recent Visitors The last 10 visitor s to this page were:. Tab Content All. New Activity. DaMan posted a visitor message on DaMan's profile. DaMan - Sep 16, AM. DaMan - Aug 7, AM. DaMan - Aug 2, PM. Cleared the story mode with a few days to spare before episode 4 hits. Stll unsure if I have access to past storylines, I say that because if you play on hardcore it will tell that it will so both casual and hardcore will show as cleared.

DaMan - Jul 28, AM.

Whitill Wing Bearer Emilia (PSO2 TCG)

Working thru the story mode, got the credit roll for episode 3 and got another Dreamcast mag evolution device. DaMan - Jul 10, AM. Had a really bad go with the urgent quest blossom flower on SH there were 3 of us and the other 2 left the game I went thru most of my mates I 2 things on the towers that I could not take out I basically spent 30 minutes shooting and running and trying all my PA to try to see what was next towards the end 15 seconds I got killed.

Thanks DaMan I'm amazed you remembered lil ol me. DaMan - Jul 4, AM. Oh yeah I got the last Achievement too! Finally I had been thinking about joining an alliance worried about picking someone who plays at the same time I do and what exactly do I do in an alliance to make a difference?

DaMan - Jun 24, PM. Fighting a boss waaaay before I met it on its level. DaMan - Jun 8, AM. I keep saying i'll make another character for ship 1, I'm just so busy with my one I haven't done it yet.

PSO2 - Good Units and where to get them

I got all the lvl 30 class achievements I did it all in 1 sweep all I did was raise the levels to 31 and when all were ready I clanged my main class to get all the achievements for the classes. DaMan - May 25, AM. Lvl 60 during Urgent Quest. DaMan - May 23, AM. I originally wanted to get my sub classes upto level 25 and work for the lvl 30 achievements gotten subs to atleast 25 and still have not beat episode 1 with hunter not really important my hunter is my main class is now lvl DaMan - May 3, AM.

PSO 2 lvl 50 yeah I know there were people in the closed beta who got to 75 lv cap and good for them slowly but surely? DaMan - May 2, AM. I was making my bio too long so i'll put it here.

DaMan - Apr 16, PM. I'll finally take this down with the full release of PSO2 which was in my Biography "Patiently waiting for PSO2 to come to the States, oh wait a min its been 2 when this was originally written its now 8 years although if things go right I should be playing this spring. DaMan - Apr 15, PM.Hunters are assigned a section ID that is usually displayed prominently somewhere on their person.

A character's section ID determines which items will drop from monsters. Each section ID has a "set" of items that drop from each monster, and some items will only drop for characters of certain IDs.

Section IDs are represented by colored badges present on each character, usually on the torso or neck. The ID Bluefull is represented by a dark blue badge. Characters with the Bluefull ID will find partisans the most often, and wands the least often.

The ID Greenill is represented by a light green badge. Characters with the Greenill ID will find rifles the most often, and swords the least often. The ID Oran is represented by an orange badge. Characters with the Oran ID will find daggers the most often, and rods the least often. The ID Pinkal is represented by a pink badge.

Characters with the Pinkal ID will find wands the most often, and rifles the least often. The ID Purplenum is represented by a purple badge.

Characters with the Purplenum ID will find mechguns the most often, and swords and partisans the least often. The ID Redria is represented by a red badge. Redria is a relatively balanced ID, and for the most part, Redria characters stand even chances of finding the different item types. The exceptions are slicers, which are found the most often, and daggers the least often. The ID Skyly is represented by a light blue badge.

Characters with the Skyly ID will find swords the most often, and mechguns the least often. The ID Viridia is represented by a dark green badge. Characters with the Virida ID will find shots and partisans the most often, and slicers the least often. The ID Yellowboze is represented by a yellow badge. Yellowboze is a very balanced ID, and characters with the Yellowboze ID have about the same chance of finding all different types of weapons. There are unconfirmed rumors that Yellowboze characters will get more meseta dropped.

The ID Whitill is represented by a white badge. Whitill is a fairly balanced ID, with relatively even chances of finding the different weapon types. Section IDs are calculated based on the characters in that character's name. Each number, letter and punctuation mark is assigned a single-digit value.

The values are listed below:. All in allthe value for each character can be retrieved by keeping the rest of the divition by 10 of the Unicode value, i. When a character's name is entered into the game, the game adds together the individual values for all the characters.

pso2 whitill

The ones digit of the sum is what determines the ID:. On Blue Bursteach character class has a class offset value. This value gets added to the final result and prevents two characters, with the same names and different classes, from having the same ID.

The game would add all the values together and get Now the ID depends on the class. If this character were to be a RAmar, the game would add the offset value for RAmars, 8, to the total from the name and get They are very intuitive and apply an outstanding amount of care and creativity to each project. I look forward to many opportunities to partner with MWD to provide my clients with the best of the best.

This process has been an absolute pleasure.

pso2 whitill

Everyone was extremely helpful and really responsive to my ideas. I am so proud of what we have been able to create.

Thank you all for your hard work and patience. It was an absolute pleasure working with JP and Gus on our website. They were very responsive and helped us to both beat our tight deadline and make the site look great. They had all the capabilities we needed and were able to solve a number of different challenges facing the site. I definitely recommend using Web Designer Express.

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Unit List: Back

Your Listings bilingual software has not made it possible to present our listings in both English and Spanish, and since the launch of our website we have generated several contacts that have become actual sales. Again thank youI enjoyed very much your work, the expectations were met in a comprehensive manner in time and cost that I found very suitable.

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