Suzuki carry

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Order this vehicle Within 1 Hour and Get discount! Time left: m s. Already have an account? Login is required to use "Notify me" feature. Please login or sign up. This Search condition is added to your Wish List. The Suzuki Carry Truck is the ideal work vehicle. It is used all over the world for hauling and transporting heavy loads, including in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia where models are produced and sold.

The pickup truck bed and fuel efficient inline-four engine are the perfect combination for commercial use. If there's a tough job to get done, the Carry truck is the vehicle of choice. Its practical use has proven it to be a popular vehicle, especially in Japan where it has sold for 39 consecutive years from to The body and wheelbase for the Suzuki Carry varies depending on its age and generation. For example, In order to conform to the new standard of mini vehicles, afterthe Carry became a semi-cab with long wheelbase specifications.

suzuki carry

In Novembera full cab with short wheelbase specification was added to the lineup for the first time in about 7 years. With a full model change in Augustthe Carry was integrated into a full-cab with short wheelbase specification.

As of Aprilthe Suzuki Carry has become the oldest trademark of automobiles that can be purchased as a new vehicle. On the inside, the Suzuki Carry has everything you need to get going, including a radio system, as well as air conditioning. By Keyword By Ref No.

suzuki carry

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Suzuki Carry

Other Android.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When work gets hard, you need a partner that's just as tough as you are. Backed by more than 40 years of Suzuki compact truck experience in the harshest environments, the All-New Carry is ready to go to work for you.

Being able to load and haul large pieces of furniture requires lots of cargo space and extra-large loading capacity. More importantly, you need to have convenient access to the bed from all three sides and be able to load and unload without straining your back in the process.

These are only a few of the reasons why you need the All-New Carry. And with a height of 1, mm to the top of the cab, even tall cargo fits on the bed. The bed sits at a low mm height to make loading and unloading easy work. Even with the gate closed, a convenient height of just 1, mm makes it easy to access your equipment.

For a work vehicle, large loading capacity is essential. And thanks to the full-cab layout, even when fully loaded, Carry provides good weight distribution between the front and rear tyres.

The angle post prevents cargo from banging against the cabin. It is also convenient for tying down cargo with rope. The gates open from all these sides making loading and unloading easy even at confined work sites. Also, the large-size handles make it easy to lock the gates. The All-New Carry is built to be tough. Plenty of protection measures against rust and corrosion prepare you for working in severe conditions, while heavy-duty features add to the all-around toughness.

Galvanised steel plates are used for the entire bed to help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, sealer and undercoating are used in many parts of the underbody, and the stainless-steel exhaust system is rust-resistant. While you should avoid driving on flooded roads, the engine air intake is placed in a high position under the cargo bed to allow slow travel through water levels as high as 30 cm, when it is unavoidable.

The front bumper and headlamps are mounted high off the ground to minimise the risk of damage when driving on rough roads. The ramp breakover angle offers plenty of clearance over obstacles and bumpy roads.

suzuki carry

The McPherson strut front suspension provides good performance while retaining toughness. The suspension frame employs a pillar structure with an L-arm to provide a high level of lateral rigidity.

The leaf-spring, rigid axle rear suspension is rugged enough to handle the extra-large hauling capacity and reduces vertical displacement when fully loaded. The 5-leaf-spring mechanism is placed over the axle housing to provide additional road clearance.Replace your old, dirty air filter, and allow your Suzuki to breathe freely! Air filters should be changed annually to ensure the most efficient fuel mileage, best Distributor caps and rotors wear out over time, due to electrical arcing, and need to be replaced to ensure proper engine operation.

Many mysterious engine This is a replacement fuel filter for the Suzuki Carry.? Fuel filters should be replaced annually to prevent clogging. By the time a vehicle is six or seven years old, there can be a fair amount of rust and debris in the fuel tank.

Rust can be formed by Suzuki Carry Parts - NGK Spark Plug Set The spark plugs on your Suzuki Carry should be changed every 30,kms to ensure your engine is operating at peak efficiency, and giving you the best fuel economy. These NGK spark plugs are top quality and Defense oil filters are professional quality filters, and made right here in Canada!

An engine's main line of defense against abrasion, and the NGK is word-renowned for making some of the highest quality ignition parts. Match this up with a new spark plugs and a We import these directly from Japan ourselves, keeping costs low, and offering a reasonable alternative to OEM glass.

These are RightDrive Inc. Sign in Create an account. Home Suzuki Carry. Suzuki Carry OEM replacement parts. Compare Selected. View as. Quick view Wishlist. Call Us: RightDrive Inc.If you are looking for a small commercial truck, a Suzuki Carry Truck would be a perfect choice for you. Why is this light-duty truck so astonishing? Read the review about the Suzuki Carry Truck below to find out the answer. It was first launched for the model year. Over the decades, the car has gained a good reputation for its durability, toughness and long lifetime With proper maintenance a Carry Truck can exceedkm.

The car is not only a famous Kei truck in Japan but also a best selling truck in many marketplaces. Currently, the Suzuki Carry Truck is in its 11th generation and it has still been an awesome truck for many buyers. However, most of Suzuki Carry Trucks for sale on the used market are from the 10th and 11th generations.

The Suzuki Carry Truck is designed following all Kei truck regulations of Japanese Government in order to offer customers every tax break as possible. Those regulations specify all the exterior dimensions, capacity and engine size. Accordingly, the Suzuki Carry Truck has a curb weight of just kg, a height of 1, mm, a width of 1, mm, a length of 3, mm and a wheelbase of 1, mm. The car also provides mm of ground clearance and offers a cargo capacity of kg.

The power0plant is a cc petrol I3. And one of the most attractive things of the Suzuki Carry Truck is its low price. All of Suzuki Carry Trucks are designed for crowded urban settings and small cargo loads. Its simple design with a 4 meter turning radius and seating for 2 people makes the Suzuki Carry Truck an excellent choice for any light-duty application. Suzuki Carry Truck is manufactured to fit all Japanese governmental regulations for a kei truck.

Hence, it is powered by a single cc petrol engine making up to 67 bhp and Nm of torque. Full torque is available early in the curve, so a Carry Truck can handle its maximum load quickly in an easy way. The Suzuki Carry Truck is made to deliver equipment or gravel to construction sites or to handle small cargo runs with ease. With the option for a mm ground clearance and 4-wheel-drive, a Suzuki Carry Truck can be used for on-road or off-road, giving it the ability to tackle as many jobs you may have on hand as possible.

The Carry Truck is available in standard and optional features as per the customer tastes and preference. The augmented features are reasonably priced and easily available for customers who want uniqueness and customization in their vehicle. The features consist of the safety specs such as central locking, parking assist, airbags and seat belts and other features such as the power windows, adjustable seats, power steering and anti bacterial filters.

Driving a Suzuki Carry truck is super easy, thanks to its compact dimensions. However, as the suspension are not able to soak the road vibrations without sending them into the cab, the ride is pretty bumpy.

The steering is quite sharp but you will need to pay more attention when driving around corners as the Carry has a quite big body roll due to its high centre of gravity. Apart from an engine imobiliser, driver airbag and central locking the safety department is too poor and there is nothing else worth to be talked about. The Suzuki Carry Truck is a good capable workhorse and even having a compact dimension, the vehicle is still able to deliver generous loads around the city in maximum safety.

Although its cabin is too small, there is enough space for 2 people and the dashboard features a clever layout which maximize the use of space. Besides, the Carry truck is a pretty numble car and it also has abilities to handle with congested traffic situation remain unbeatable by any other usual LCV.

The car is built for what it is and is beautiful in its way with some sacrifices had to be done for keeping the price to as low as possible. Either the handling or the ride is not excellent, however, the Suzuki Carry truck is not designed to win any drag races, therefore we will not complain about it too much. So if you are planning to buy a used Suzuki Carry for saleespecially a used Suzuki Carry Truck, what is holding you back? Make your purchase right now with Car From Japan to get the best deal compared to other dealers on the market nowadays.Many Parts are not listed, Please Contact Us if there is a part you need that is not listed.

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Suzuki Carry Truck

We have received many compliments from customers who have had a chance to buy and use our mini truck accessories. We receive calls on a daily basis from new customers, most of which are referrals from customers that are happy with our knowledge and service. It is nice to know when a customer is happy with Japan Mini Truck Parts, they will recommend us to their friends.

We have embraced modern technology incorporating online shopping for those of you who wish to place your order without having to travel to our store. Contact Info: Email: prolinepart gmail. Daihatsu Hijet. Honda Acty. Kia Metro Towner. Mini Truck Parts - Minitruckgarage. Subaru Sambar. Suzuki Carry.The Suzuki Carry is now out of production, but it was a pretty iconic vehicle produced between - The truck was offered in both van and chassis cab versions and was aimed at those looking for a commercial vehicle, with minimum costs of ownership which would also be able to carry some load at the back.

The Suzuki Carry was engineered as a small working horse, designed without all the bells and whistles of its bigger siblings.

This tiny LCV can go into places that are impossible to reach by a conventional LCV and it can deal with congested traffic better than no other van or chassis cab model. The truck featured a pretty rudimentary build quality and judging by the way it looked it was a wonder that was able to last with dignity to relatively harsh working conditions.

The Suzuki Carry however, was like a small giant as its high ground clearance and the tough body gave it a surprisingly strong character that helped it to tackle almost anything was thrown at it. For its tiny dimensions the Carry boasted a pretty large load area with a load deck measuring 1,mm long, 1,mm wide and 1,mm height.

The vehicle had also received a few design elements which make it look pretty cute such as the huge headlights, a wrap-round bumper, the sculpted bonnet and the huge windshield.


The side panels of the van versions were mostly flat and were fitted with a large opening sliding door, while at the back there is a vertically opening tailgate. As it was expected, the interior was highly rudimentary and was fitted only with basic equipment.

The small exterior dimensions also affected the space of both the driver and passenger. The plastics were also third class, while the build quality was in accordance with the cheap price paid for the vehicle. The dashboard featured an ergonomic design which is not intrusive and is also fitted with various storage places where you can keep different things. The instrument cluster features a huge central gauge for the speedo which is flanked by other small indicators to display different vehicle stats.

The micro truck was also fitted with a central audio system which was easy to use and pretty performant for a budget vehicle. The seats were a bit cramped and came with limited adjustments offering an upright driving position and poor legroom. The good part is that the road visibility was top notch and the large wing mirrors covered most of the blind spots. Power comes from a lively 1. The fuel injected petrol engine offers a pretty sharp response but feels most comfortable when it needs to deal with light payloads being advised for electricians, florists or caterers.

The mid mounted engine could be considered a bit noisy as the driver sits directly on top of it, but the good part is that it will reward with good performances and a satisfactory acceleration at low speeds. On the other hand, the fuel injected unit will feel sluggish at higher speed and it lacks the power boost needed to deal effortless with overtaking maneuvers.

The engine is married to a five speed manual gearbox which was able to keep in check those 77 ponies without too much fuss. The Suzuki Carry is pretty easy to drive, mostly due to its compact dimensions.

The Suzuki Carry was a pretty capable workhorse and despite its compact dimensions it was able to carry generous loads around the city in maximum safety. Despite its spartan cabin, there was enough room for two people and the dashboard featured an ingenious layout which maximized the use of space.

The truck was also pretty nimble and its abilities to deal with congested traffic situation remain unbeatable by any other conventional LCV. The built quality is what it is, but some sacrifices had to be done to keep the acquisition price to as low as possible. In the end, the Suzuki Carry did its job pretty well and even if was discontinued from the market it was an interesting concept that was shortly followed by other manufacturers, such as DSFK or Daihatsu.

1999 - 2005 Suzuki Carry

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It is considered as used car, but it has never been used. Suzuki is a car manufacturer that mainly produces mini vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles. Although Suzuki has been the number one on sales of mini vehicles for 34 years in a row, they parted with their position to Daihatsu in They also have a reputation in manufacturing cars with conclusive cost cutting measures. Although Suzuki was originally an independent car manufacturer, they accepted the funds by GM for a time.

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